Executive Referrals


Executive Referrals

We are grateful for your support in fostering our growth, especially through strategic introductions to key executives. Your influential network can significantly impact our trajectory.

To assist you in this effort, we’ve crafted an email template below for your convenience. Feel free to tailor it to your voice and context as you reach out to these esteemed executives, making a lasting impression on our behalf.

Our Target Audience

Ideal Companies:

  • Employers with 5,000+ employees
  • Large Brokers / HR Advisory Services Organizations

Ideal Job Titles:

  • HR Executives with title that may include: Benefits, Total Rewards, Compentation Specialist, Chief People Officer, etc.
  • VP or above, or the C-Suite at these companies so they will introduce us to their HR persona and can be a champion

Email #1 - Intro

This purpose of this email is to make initial contacts and to see if they are accepting referrals at this time. You can choose to CC:, or wait until they agree to an introduction. 

Subject: Introduce a Game-Changing Employee Benefit to Elevate {COMPANY NAME}!


Hello {RECIPIENT NAME},  Hope this email finds you doing well!!  I wanted to reach out to inform you about a fast-growing company, SupportPay, that we among other firms recently made a significant investment in. Here is a recent Press Release regarding their recent raise. Their  product is a game changer that solves real life problems for employees and are currently having high adoption rates very quickly. Employers are saving thousands in productivity savings. Their goal for 2024 is to gain significant market adoption and have explosive growth with their enterprise customer base. We are committed to helping them achieve their goals and would like to invite you to take a peek.

This product helps employees, and their family members manage the time-consuming, conflict-ridden, and stressful process of sharing, managing, and tracking expenses, payments, and schedules with other family members. The application started as an offering for single, divorced, step, pet and co-parents and recently expanded to support all caregivers, for example siblings sharing the expenses for their parents. This platform provides a streamlined process for child support and shared finances amongst modern families and caregivers. It eliminates conflicts, saves time, centralizes all shared finance-related tasks for both parties and helps the employee increase focus and productivity while working. This Benefits Brochure provides more detail on the offering and the value it can provide to your {COMPANY NAME}.

SupportPay is currently in all fifty states and in over seventy countries with over seventy-five thousand users. They began as a direct-to-consumer product and earlier this year rolled out the employee benefit product for organizations. The interest they have experienced has truly been amazing and already currently have several Fortune 500 companies as well as the global media giant Hearst. They are also working with the largest insurance brokerage firms in the U.S. as well as insurance analyst which will also help us to penetrate the enterprise market. They are currently poised to be one of the most desired and innovative financial employee benefits products in the market next year! Also, SupportPay is not tied to open enrollment and does not require any administrative burden from your company.

My “ask”, on their behalf, is to make an introduction to SupportPay’s CEO and founder Sheri Atwood and she can share more and take it from here. Let me know if this is possible and if the most appropriate person is not yourself, whom you would like me to make the introduction too.

Thanks {RECIPIENT NAME} for your consideration with all you have going on! I would be thrilled to coordinate a meeting with Sheri and your team.


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Email #2 - Agreed to Meet

Once they agree to a meeting, please make sure to CC: This email is to pass off the referral for us to handle from this point forward, or as long as you wish to be involved.

Subject (Optional): {RECIPIENT NAME}, Meet Sheri Atwood, CEO of SupportPay!


Dear {RECIPIENT NAME} and Sheri,

I am pleased to facilitate an introduction between the two of you. Sheri, {RECIPIENT NAME} has shown a keen interest in learning more about SupportPay. They are already familiar with your product and company, based on our discussions, and is eager to explore and learn more about what SupportPay can offer {COMPANY NAME}.

I encourage you, Sheri, to reach out to {RECIPIENT NAME} and take it from here.  Or {RECIPIENT NAME} you can also schedule a meeting directly on Sheri’s Calendar.

I am confident that this connection will be mutually beneficial. 

Best regards,

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