SupportPay eliminates child support conflicts by providing both parents transparency . Spend less time managing child support & care, and more time being a great parent — all while saving time and money !

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We’re working to combine both platforms into one single integrated tool, be on the lookout for that! In the meantime,

please download SupportPay for managing payments & expenses , or WeParent for custody & communication :

The SupportPay Difference

SupportPay is the first automated financial platform to manage child support, spousal support, and children’s additional expenses directly between parents. Whether parents are paying support directly between each other, or through state agencies, SupportPay helps them safely organize, manage, and transfer payments without exchanging confidential personal or financial information.


SupportPay eliminates the need for direct communication, maintains legally-admissible records of all communications and transactions, and provides a dispute resolution process. 

Key Features

✅  Pay and receive child support, alimony and share expenses

✅  Easily schedule, manage and modify custody, visitation, and parenting time schedules

✅  Upload, scan, share and store receipts

✅  Communicate and store conversations with the other parent

✅  Send and receive payments online or record manual payments –

      no need to share your banking information

✅  Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements through advanced conflict management                        methods while ensuring other payments continue to flow through the system

✅  Retain certified records of your expense and payment history, plus all communications with                          your co-parent, and easily download when needed for compliance, court, and tax purposes