Don’t ever talk to your ex about money again

A lack of good communication is one of the biggest causes of divorce. It can be really hard to get on the same page, especially when it comes to money. Unfortunately, when you get divorced, money and communication problems don’t disappear. If you have kids together, things often get more complicated.


After my own divorce, it became really obvious to me exactly why this happens. Even though my divorce was amicable, it didn’t take long before I suddenly felt like a bill collector. I felt like I was constantly hounding my ex for money and asking for more money and I just hate nagging.

When I set out to create SupportPay, I had one goal in mind: don’t ever talk to your ex about money again. It was a simple goal, really… but an important one! So much of our face-to-face communication revolved around money… and talking about money raises the tension in any conversation quickly.

Since I got SupportPay up and running and started using it myself, I haven’t had one face-to-face conversation about money with my ex. The good news for you is that you can sign up for SupportPay today and have the same experience!

So, how exactly does SupportPay help eliminate money conversations? Here are three ways:

1. You can input recurring payments, such as monthly child support amounts into the SupportPay system. You can set up electronic payments to be made automatically.

2. Upload receipts for one time expenses like activity fees and medical bills. Send proof of expense directly to your ex through the SupportPay system and then let the system do the work of reminding your ex to pay his/her share.

3. Manage financial disagreements. You didn’t agree on everything when you were married and you certainly won’t agree on everything once you’re divorced… especially when it comes to money. SupportPay has dispute management built right into the system. And it even keeps records of all your online communication, making it easy to provide all the info to your lawyer or mediator.

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