Consultant Messaging


Consultant Messaging

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Subject 1: Elevate Your Employee Benefits with SupportPay – Boost ROI! 


Subject 2: {Company Name}, What ROI are Your Employee Benefits Providing? 


Dear {Recipient’s Name}, 


I hope this message finds you well. I am excited to introduce you to an opportunity that can 

significantly enhance your employee benefits package while delivering a substantial return on 

investment (ROI) for your organization – SupportPay


SupportPay is a comprehensive financial tool that enables parents & caregivers to effectively 

share, manage & track expenses, payments, and schedules across multiple households. Learn 

more about their employee benefits program HERE.  


Direct ROI Benefits: 


Streamlined Administration: With SupportPay’s automated child support management, you 

can reduce HR administrative costs and free up valuable time for your HR team to focus on 

strategic initiatives. 


Higher Retention: By offering SupportPay as an employee benefit, you demonstrate your 

commitment to supporting your employees’ well-being. This leads to improved work-life balance 

and, in turn, lower turnover rates, saving you money on recruitment and training. 


Increased Productivity: Employees who experience reduced stress and improved work-life 

balance tend to be more focused and productive. Fewer distractions and less absenteeism 

translate into a more efficient workforce and a boost in productivity. 


Enhanced Compliance: SupportPay’s robust reporting and tracking features ensure that your 

working parents remain compliant with state child support regulations. This minimizes the risk of 

legal disputes and associated costs, providing peace of mind for your HR department. 


Calculate your company’s potential savings HERE


Are you ready to explore the benefits of SupportPay and discuss how it can be customized to 

meet your organization’s unique requirements? Feel free to reply to this email or call me at {Your 

Contact Information}. 


Best regards, 

{Your Name}

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Do you know the ROI your employee benefits are providing? ⏰

Looking to maximize your companies savings? 💰

Offer SupportPay to your employees and see your company’s ROI and savings grow! 📈

Set yourself apart as a leader and introduce a unique and tailored benefit that addresses the diverse needs of your workforce, providing comprehensive support during all significant life events, especially when it comes to life after a divorce or the need to financially support another family member.

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