Co-Parenting Thanksgiving Ideas

It may be another co-parenting Thanksgiving, and you might be wondering “how are we going to do it?” We at SupportPay understand that child as child support can be a conflict ridden process, so too can the holidays. But there are ways to manage who and how you see your children, and leave everyone with a happy holiday.

Idea #1 – Remember that the Holidays are a Season

Now, this may sound a little strange, but Thanksgiving is not simply just Thanksgiving. It’s wrapped around many holidays. It’s going to be nearly impossible to have two Thanksgivings, and for the sake of making your family’s life easier, it’s best to compromise. One parent can have the children on Thanksgiving, and another throughout the Holiday break. Find a time to share Christmas on separate days. In some instances, co-parents are still together on the holidays if they so choose. It’s simply important to remember – holiday season!

Idea #2 – Holidays are for the Children

It’s easy to get wrapped up in some of the personal drama you may have with the other parent. Let us remind you, that the happiest holidays are the ones that focus on the children. So when you’re planning out this Thanksgiving, make sure that you’re doing so with what’s best for the children, and what will make their holidays fun and enjoyable.

Idea #3 – Thanksgiving Lunch & Dinner

It may not be ideal, but Thanksgiving can be extended to both lunch and dinner. If the families live close enough, one parent can take the kids out to lunch, and the other for dinner. Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving, and many have specials that are tailor made for Thanksgiving.

Compromise is crucial. Remembering these three ways to make your Thanksgiving while co-parenting will make sure you have a happy holiday season.

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