Ohio Child Support – The Real Truth

Live in Ohio and pay child support? Do you find it harder to pay child support in Ohio than you think makes sense? Are you wondering why Ohio laws related to child support are different from laws in the state you used to live?

We’ve been doing this a long time now – and we know better than anyone what child support laws differ state by state. Ohio is no different. Here is a handy guide to paying and managing child support in Ohio.

  1. Here’s where we to pay child support – All child support payments go to one location, so don’t think that there is something different per county. For where to pay, you can send your check here:
    Ohio CSPC
    P.O. Box 182372
    Columbus, OH 43218-2372Still have more questions regarding where to make a payment? You can visit the Ohio state government’s child support website for all the answers.
  2. In Ohio, how is a payment amount determined? ¬†– A great question, and one that we hear often. In fact, we don’t just hear this for Ohio, but we also hear it all states. Well the answer is fairly simple – it’s a calculation that the state decides makes sense for the payer and payee. Thankfully you don’t have to do all this math on your own! You can visit this website to use the child support calculator. Or you can also visit our trusted¬†child support resources guide for more answers.
  3. What are the late payments laws for child support in Ohio? – Once again (and I know we sound like a broken record), each state is different. In Ohio, if you’re a parent who is looking to collect on back pay for child support, you have a number of state and local agencies at your disposal to help you collect. If you’re wondering exactly what the fees are, and what penalties you’ll face, there’s no way around the fact that you will face some kind of fine or fee. For some information, here’s a site that gives you a better idea of what kinds of fines you’ll face in Ohio for not paying child support.

We do recommend visiting our Ohio state resources page, which has useful information, sites you can go to download legal forms, and more. And if you are paying or collecting child support, SupportPay has all the latest features you need.

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