What will happen after divorce

If you think after the divorce is final its all going to be easier, here’s a reality check.. it won’t! Now I am not saying that is true for everyone I just wish someone would have told me how hard it … Read More

Meet Sheri Atwood, CEO of SupportPay

The second part of the Q&A with Sheri Atwood. We sat down with Sheri Atwood and got the story behind SupportPay. You can read part one here. If you were to give advice to newly single parents, what would you say? … Read More

Single Mom takes on Silicon Valley

As originally posted on CNBC: When you think of a hot Silicon Valley start-up, software to help divorced parents manage shared child-support expenses is hardly what comes to mind. Often, the biggest sensations—from disappearing photo-sharing apps to addictive video games—are … Read More