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Share. Manage. Track.

Expenses. Payments. Schedules.

SupportPay will soon offer a comprehensive suite of caregiver tools to compliment our family finance platform. With the addition of caregiving functionality, you'll be able to manage every family member across all types of significant life events!

Pay and receive support, alimony, caregiving & shared expenses

Easily schedule, manage & modify custody, visitation & parenting time

Upload, scan, share and store receipts with your mobile device

Communicate and store conversations with other family members

Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements directly in the platform

Retain court-certified records of your expense, payment & chat history

A Comprehensive Approach to Care

Increase Productivity

Mitigate productivity losses by helping you retain
focus & eliminate workplace errors during the workday

Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce absenteeism arising from financial, legal
& health complications related to family conflicts

Added Security

SupportPay securely stores your financial data &
sensitive documents for personal or legal use

A Modern Solution

Provides you a solution for modern family finances
& well-being through all unique life challenges

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