A Better Way to Manage Child Support Payments

If you’re a parent who has gone through a divorce, you know that childcare is often made harder. You have to find ways to balance time with your children, find time for yourself, and most importantly, manage your finances. Financial management thus becomes the bedrock of your family’s security. And let’s not mention when you manage child support payments how much red tape you often have to go through.

But when it comes to child support payments, this is easier said than done. Financial reports show that billions of dollars are transacted annually worldwide when it comes to child support payments. But unfortunately, this likely only covers less than half of what is owed. Recent reports indicate that only half of all receivers of child support payments receive their payments in full throughout the year. This means that there is as much as or more than fifty percent of all payments are not being accounted for.

If you’re not receiving child support – or if you and your ex are looking for ways to better manage the payment process, then the newest SupportPay solution is the answer. We are able to help track, monitor, and process child support payments, but also our latest tool assists with how you manage child support like:

  • Schedule Base Support
  • Auto track wage garnishments
  • Store Unlimited Docs & Receipts
  • Dispute items
  • Customize alerts & notifications
  • Standard & Custom Category Tracking
  • Long Term Storage & History
  • Online & Live Support

All this and more, for a low starting price. You can sign up today and try it out. Trust us, it will make your life regarding the financials of child support, and how you manage child support – easier. And it will allow you to get back to having time to do the things you love to do.

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