Benefits Messaging


Benefits Messaging

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to use for your benefit leaders or employees during deployment.

For Sharing with Benefits Leaders:

Subject: Offer an Innovative Employee Benefit that Delivers Immediate ROI


I wanted to introduce you to an innovative company that delivers a unique employee benefit that supports working parents during and after divorce or separation. SupportPay is a comprehensive co-parenting solution that helps parents manage support, expenses, custody, and communications.

Even though divorce is the second most stressful life event, there is a lack of benefits offered by employers to support these employees. In addition, 70% of the workforce is directly impacted by divorce and their coworkers. By providing SupportPay, you will stand out as a thought leader and benefits innovator.

SupportPay helps parents focus during work hours, reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, and keeps communications about their divorce and parenting issues off company email servers. Best, it will establish you as a next-wave, creative, and supportive organization.

Sheri would love to have a quick conversation and demo next week. Here is a link to her calendar, if that makes booking convenient for you:

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For Deploying to Your Workforce

Subject: SupportPay, a Unique Benefit for Working Parents and Caregivers, at No Cost to You


We are excited to announce that all {Your Company} employees and their families now have access to SupportPay at no cost to you. SupportPay is an innovative web and mobile solution for parents and caregivers designed for making and receiving payments, managing shared expenses, centralizing and recording communications, and organizing schedules. Through SupportPay, you and your family can: 

  • Easily make and receive payments securely and privately

  • Organize, manage and pay all additional expenses – like medical, educational, childcare, and caregiving expenses – with options like receipt upload, recurring expenses, and partial payment  

  • Retain certified records of expense and payment history for court and tax purposes

  • Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements without disrupting payment flow  

  • Keep all communications about child support, parenting, caregiving responsibilities and custody in a documented, legally admissible record – without having to text or email

  • Manage regular and holiday schedules, travel, and special events

  • Access an extensive library of divorce, co-parenting and caregiving resources created by industry experts

Start using SupportPay today by creating an account at: {Your SupportPay Company Link}

NOTE: You must create your account at {Your SupportPay Company Link} in order to activate your benefit. After completing registration, you will be able to login to your account from any location.

Learn more – Employee Datasheet.

Visit SupportPay:

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