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SupportPay synthesizes the frustration and conflict involved in managing child support payments and turns it into a process of mutual co-operation and collaboration. It aligns your interests and lets you focus on your mutual goal of providing the best for your children.

Safe and secure

Built on the Force.com platform, SupportPay employs the most advanced technology for internet security and ensuring your data is safe. By leveraging Paypal & PayQuicker to manage payments neither party has direct access to the other’s financial data. In addition, you get to choose what is shared with the other parent. All your information is safe, secure and available only to you.

Everything in one place

SupportPay manages the reminders, updates & ability to make & receive payments. You can track & store all your relevant information and documents in one secure central location. So, if the need arises, filling out legal forms will take a fraction of the time. In addition, you now have all payments & expense history stored & certified in a single location. It does not get better than this. Once you have tried it, you will never go back to the old way of managing your child expenses.

Automation & Efficiency

SupportPay not only tracks monthly child support payment but also calculates how much is owed by each parent for any shared expenses based on your support orders and agreements. Whether you share medical, education, extra-curricular activities or other additional expenses, SupportPay automates the entire process providing a standard system and process for all parents living apart. In addition, SupportPay can track alimony and family support and provide a detailed report at the end of the year for tax purposes. You can setup automatic payments or schedule payments in the future and receive status updates based on your preference. Want to send a payment directly to a merchant? No problem, we do that too! Imagine all the time you will save!


Designed specifically to cater and adapt to the needs of the varying family dynamics of the modern family. Whether you are a single parent, divorced or separated or part of a blended family, SupportPay is fully equipped to provide parents a single view of where the money is spent. The receiving parent easily uploads a receipt and enters the expense information and the paying parent can be assured that the money is being spent on their children. Both parents can see where the money is being spent and understand the true costs of raising a child. Now you can spend your time discussing your children and not the money it takes to raise them.

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SupportPay is simplifying child support payments for parents living apart

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… trying to manage child support.


… over who owes how much to whom.


,,,over when the next payment is due.


…where the money is being spent.

After a child support order or agreement

Despite the fact that more than 298 million parents exchange over $990 billion dollars every year in child support, after an order or agreement has been established parents are left to try to figure out how to manage the complicated, complex and time-consuming process


The irony of such a situation is that two people who mutually agreed that they can no longer stay together, must now figure out how to communicate about money for the purpose of sharing child expenses.


This naturally leads to a stressful partnership, harmful for all involved, especially the children. Clearly a solution was needed to address this complex, painful and conflict-ridden process, yet none existed.

SupportPay is Born

SupportPay seeks to address the specific needs of parents dealing with child support. It provides a much needed automated child support platform to help parents manage the process of sharing child expenses and exchanging child support.


SupportPay takes the emotion out of the equation and protects your finances from becoming a victim of quick tempers and pent up aggression. It is the embodiment of a simple solution to address a complex problem.


Both parents can manage child support communications, bills, payments, receipts, documents, and get certified reports through SupportPay.

Imagine eliminating phone calls, constant reminders, checking numerous bank accounts or updating spreadsheets. All your child support and child expenses in one place, for both parents.

You can now focus on
what matters most
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We knew there had to be a better way.

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