Three Holiday Tips for New York Co-Parents

With the holiday season fast approaching, co-parents may be feeling extra pressure to create a happy, memorable time for their children. Here are three tips for making the best of a difficult time of year.

1. Communicate

Have a clear plan as to the children’s visitation schedule. Do not make plans or accept invitations to events without speaking to your co-parent first. A clear schedule will help you avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding, and will also keep children informed and aware of what will be happening, when it will be happening, and who they’ll be with. This will help them feel more secure and informed. Giving your children an opportunity to speak or Facetime with their other parent on holidays is also a great opportunity for connection and communication.

2. Compromise

Compromise is essential to surviving the holiday season. If you and your co-parent don’t agree on a holiday plan for your children, try to avoid becoming frustrated or upset. Instead, see if there’s a way you can compromise to both get something you want. Of course, you should check your state’s custody and visitation laws before agreeing to any big changes to your schedule.

3. Create New Traditions

The loss or change of old traditions can be hard for everyone in the family. Trying to force a continuation of old traditions may even be painful for you or your children. Instead, have a conversation with them about traditions they’d like to continue, but also ask for ideas on new traditions that they may be interested in starting. But avoid over-doing it—the holiday season can be overwhelming, and you will all need time to rest and relax.

SupportPay Can Help

If you and your co-parent are committed to clear communication, compromise, and creating a positive experience for your children, you can navigate the holidays with little stress. And as always, SupportPay is here to provide you with resources if the need should arise. We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.

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