Valentine'€™s Day crafts for the rest of us

Valentine’€™s Day crafts for the rest of us

Valentine’€™s Day crafts for the rest of us

So I am NOT a crafty mom. I like sports and being outside. So when it comes down to finding crafty things to do with my daughter, that actually look cute, I have to find easy! I also have to find things that don’t take very long, don’t make a huge mess, and are affordable. Oh, and I don’t have a hot glue gun, a sewing machine, or a pair of those creative scissors! Wow, no wonder I don’t do too many crafts. So, here is my attempt at finding some very easy crafts to do with kids, that will take only a few minutes. Oh, and by the way…they can’t look too cheesy either.


Handprint Hearts – I do always love handprints. Simple but memorable, and a keepsake so you can see how they have grown! Here is a way to make them into a heart shape. Plus, this means you don’t have to buy a card.


Pixie Stick Hearts – These are cute, and could make nice little class gifts – if you do that kind of thing. You could use pixie sticks, or cute pencils, or straws. This is one that would at least keep some of the older kids busy a while.


Yummy XO Treats – I am all about making something that is edible. These are cute, clever and quick! This is one of those things you whip up the night before when you have forgotten to make Valentine’s….provided you have X and O cookie cutters. Everyone will love them…you can even leave the food coloring out and they would still be super cute.


Shades of Pink Bookmarks – Now this is getting clever, and almost FREE! What a great idea. Could be class gifts, teacher gifts, or party favors!


Well what do you know, there are some doable crafts out there for moms like me! Its a good thing that we can show people we love them no matter how talented we may be in the craft department. Happy simple crafting, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the ones you love.