Become a More Confident Professional – Update Your Resume

update my resume
In law school, I scored a student membership into an elite legal ethics organization. I was the only law student member who did not have, like, nine different law journal positions and six internships on their resume – if anything, I was the anti-law student, only one year in, and already questioning the validity of the entire legal system. Whether or not my acceptance was a fluke, I was determined to enjoy the hell out of it. I didn’t know if I belonged there, but I was going to maximize the experience nevertheless (and update my resume)!

Years later, as an attorney, I had the option to re-apply to the organization, but never did. I rationalized this because I had lot of life happening –  two babies, a divorce, and business ownership – and the organization deserves real, thoughtful commitment. But also, maybe, more so, I thought I didn’t have the credibility to apply to an organization that is elite af. The best, the brightest, and, also me? It seemed like I was reaching a little too high.

Then COVID hit, gleefully raining chaos on all of us. In a 48-hour period, in the midst of a global pandemic, I decided to leave the practice of law, I closed my business, the love of my life left me, and I was offered the job of my dreams at SupportPay. The following Monday, I thought, damn, why not just try to apply to that elite organization? If I made it through “The Weekend of Transformation,” perhaps I was stronger than I thought.

Believe in yourself, take a chance

The organization’s reception was incredibly warm (they’re like that), and they just asked, could I send them my CV? Absolutely, I assured them. But I had not updated my resume in years. The last version was for a “30 under 30” shortlist that I didn’t win, so clearly, I had some work to do. I did the work. And you need to do the work, too. 
In updating your resume, particularly if you have not done so in a while, three things are going to happen:
(1)  You are going to be astounded by the skills and experience that you have accumulated. You’ll just bask in your achievements (it’s so hard to fit them onto one page! Should you make the font smaller? There’s nothing you can cut out – it’s all so great!).
(2) You will have an updated resume (obviously). This will trigger your eye to wander to other opportunities, because all of a sudden, if something amazing comes your way, you’re ready for it. It’s the professional equivalent of having the perfect outfit hanging in your closet.
(3)  Finally, and I promise this is true, you will immediately become a more confident professional. If you love your job, and never plan to leave it, you’ll feel bolstered by the wealth of experience you never realized you bring to your clients. If you hate your job, or don’t have one at all, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for anything when you know you have a perfect, polished resume in your pocket. And if you’re somewhere in between, you’ll feel a little bit like someone in a good marriage who gets hit on at the grocery store. Like, you have it pretty good, but it’s still nice to know you’re marketable.
If you would like to do one thing to boost your confidence as a professional – and since it is International Self-Esteem and Confidence Month, you should! – update your resume.
Once in a while, I look at mine. It’s comforting. Whether or not it broke me back into that elite legal ethics organization, it brought me a ton of confidence. And I recommend that you try it.

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