Texas Child Support Payments – A New Way to Collect

Texas child support enforcers recently implemented a way to get back delinquent child support payments in the state. And it’s starting to work. If a parent misses more than six months of child support the state will revoke a payers ability to renew their driver’s license. It’s a tough but fair means of collecting owed back-pay. The state of Texas is now seeing more payments coming in – and the Attorney General, state officials, and parents are encouraged by the results. And the state just added another layer – if you are late on payments, you also risk renewal of your vehicle registration.

Too many payers think that if you don’t make a payment it will just go away. We have some news for you – it won’t. You are mandated by the courts to make payments, and despite circumstances, you will still owe this money in back pay. Texas child support officials have created a solution to collect payments for individuals who are already behind. But there’s a better way – don’t get behind on payments at all.

That’s why we created SupportPay. Our founder realized that despite all the apps, digital services, and automated systems that exist today, there simply wasn’t anything that helped with the day-to-day of child support finances. So she founded SupportPay, the first fully automated child support payment platform.

With SupportPay you can now easily automate, schedule, and check on payments. Rather than having to keep track with different checkbooks, record systems, or homemade tracking sheets, SupportPay takes care of everything for you. This makes it easy not only to meet payment deadlines but also produce records of payments when you need them for taxes or court cases.

And SupportPay isn’t just helpful for paying child support in Texas, but also in California, Nevada, Vermont, Alabama – everywhere in the US. We currently have a free trial version that we recommend as a good onboarding to the platform. You can create an account and track basic payments while using the platform, and then from there upgrade for more features.

Don’t wait until you’re facing child support payment penalties. Get on SupportPay today and make your life easier.

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