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Fast and easy.

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Available anywhere.

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Security First.

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Account maintenance fee.  Invest whenever you want to, we do not have any inactivity charges.

from 0.2%

Transaction fee. Low fees for all transaction types. See our pricing table for details.


Account registration fee. Creating account with us is absolutely free. More bonuses for new clients.


SWIFT withdrawal fee. Low funds withdrawal charge for any amount. We pay half of the bank fee.


Fixed transaction fee.Transparent and understandable pricing is one of our key principles.


Managed account fee. Let us do all the work. We will manage everything while you have full control.

Simple and Flexible Plans

Our plans are simple and straightforward. You will need to choose one to start, but you can switch any time.

Our New Mobile Platform

Award winning mobile platform lets you easily manage your investments and transfer funds globally in minutes.

Start Investing in No Time

It takes only few minutes to register account, top it up with funds and begin investing. It is that easy!

We Are Available Worldwide

Our company is a global provider of technology based financial services, backed by industry leading technology and security. Our clients range from high school students to some of the most notable companies in the world. No matter who you are, where are you from, what your budget is, we have financial solutions for you. You can’t go wrong.

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Top customer care
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Used by people who value their time
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