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Do We Need All These Child Support Laws? (From Divorce Mag)

(This article was first published in Divorce Mag and can be read in full here). As with any institution that governs behaviors and responsibilities, child support laws were created and designed to make sure that a parent fulfills their obligations to their biological … Read More

Behind on Child Support? Get Financially Fit

We’re halfway through 2016 now – and its time to take a good hard look at your finances. This means take out those receipts, your subscriptions, and the bills, and put your fingers to the keys and bust out the … Read More

A Better Way to Manage Child Support Payments

If you’re a parent who has gone through a divorce, you know that childcare is often made harder. You have to find ways to balance time with your children, find time for yourself, and most importantly, manage your finances. Financial … Read More

You can still have a good relationship with your ex after divorce

There are no two ways about it – divorce is a hard, trying experience. Even for couples who are desperate to end their relationship, there are plenty of difficulties that get in the way. Sharing property, history, and a host … Read More


You Need Child Support But Don’t Wanna Talk To Your Ex

Talking to your ex is tough – but it just got a little easier.  Love can be a strange and funny thing. When you’re in the thick of it, all you want to do is be around that person and … Read More