Top 5 Questions About California Child Support

Being a California based company, we here at SupportPay know the ins and outs of the child support laws in California. Each state has different child support laws – you can find out more about them, and all the information you need, in our child support state resources section here. California child support is no exception, and is actually home to some of the more difficult to comprehend child support laws in the country. Here are five questions about California child support that we’d like to answer.

1Is there a cap on child support payments in California?

California is one of the few states that does not put a cap on how much child support a parent has to pay. The amount you have to pay in California is a legal calculation based on wages and income, custody time, and other key factors. We recommend visiting our child support calculator for California, found here.

2Can the receiver of child support in California use the money on items/goods that aren’t directly related to childcare?

The answer in short is yes. The laws in California do not stipulate how and in what ways your child support payments are being used. SupportPay, however, makes tracking where child support payments are going, much easier. If you’re paying child support, you can log into the tool and request that the other parent log in to track their purchases and where the child support is going. This gives the payer peace of mind – but it also builds a better co-parenting relationship.

3Does child support in California continue on through college?

No – once the child turns 18, the payer is absolved of financial obligations under the law. However, if the child is still in high school, child support will run through age 19, or graduation, whichever comes first.

4How does having multiple children affect payments in California?

The calculation is the same. If you go to our child support calculator for California, you will still have to owe an amount per child, dependent on the number of children you have with your ex.

5What types of income can be included in the payment calculation?

Any and all income can be included in the child support payment calculation. Depending on the way a business structures its deductions, a business deduction may not count toward the overall income.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Many don’t understand the basics of child support and with the laws being so intricately defined and differing among the various states, it can be quite confusing. So, a way to track and monitor it is great help.

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