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National Self-Care Month

Amazon Basics High-Density Round Foam Roller

Divorce is stressful, which causes us to hold painful tension in the back and shoulder area. Laying on a foam roller at the end of the day melts the knots away. It’s usually safe for kids, too!

Bliss Collections Family Planner

Keep your calm with a more ordered week. When single parenting, it can be tough to
keep track of all the family details. This planner will help parents stay organized. Seeing schedules has been shown to reduce anxiety for kids, so everyone wins.

Mindful Parenting

Feeling like home life is hectic? That’s common for single parents. Use this book to learn how to slow down, get intentional about your time, and stay cool during chaos. The section on divorce is particularly helpful!

The Forest Feast

Care for your body, soul, and family with this delightful book of simple, fresh recipes. Most dishes have fewer than five ingredients. Little hands will love assembling recipes like date-peanut butter balls and watermelon salad. Cooking is a wonderful way to bond during your parenting time.

Buddha Board Mini Buddha Board

This amazing tool provides many paths to calm. Use the no-mess brush to paint rich strokes evocative of Japanese artistry. Watch the creation fade while you breathe,
reminding you that life is impermanent. Start fresh, inspired by the ease with mistakes fade. If you’re sharing custody, buy the mini board for each house, so your child can always have one nearby.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea

Self care can take two seconds. Stash one of these facial sprays in the fridge, and when you reach in out of boredom or stress, a quick spritz will calm and redirect you. Keep the other in the car. Before walking into a stressful situation with your ex, or picking up your kids, take a second for a spray and a breath. It really works.

Omi The Elephant Meditation Toy

Children will love this sweet elephant friend, who provides music and meditation to help them through happy, sad, or sleepless times. It’s a wonderful tool to transition custody. Kids can use Ellie when they feel feelings at mom’s house or dad’s.
Or buy two…so you can use it when your children are with their co-parent, and you’re feeling a little down.

LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

A silk pillowcase keeps you cooler at night,
giving you the restful sleep you need as a single parent. Doesn’t hurt that it makes your hair and skin healthier, too!

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Can thinking about death really be self care? For sure, if it’s Swedish Death Cleaning. This unique approach to home organization will absolutely leave you lighter and happier. This book is especially helpful for parents moving – or staying behind while the other moves – due to divorce, as it gently carries you through a process to deal with “stuff.”

Get Outside Campaign!

National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas, 2nd Edition

Buckle in for an affordable family adventure! This road trip atlas directs your family to
exciting destinations near and far. Single parents not living in the same area can add a
fun road trip diversion when transitioning between homes, too!

Where Should We Camp Next?

Spending time outdoors has been proven to reduce stress. No one needs stress-relief like
divorced families! This book gets you and the kids under the stars and bonding during
your parenting time.

The Open
Road: 50 Best Road Trips in the USA (Travel Guide)

This bucket-list of road trips provides 50 amazing adventures for parents ready to hit
the road. Trips are curated to your interests – got kids who are foodies or nature
lovers? This book has it all covered.

100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas

Beautiful photos and fun facts make this road trip guide engaging for all ages. Sharing
custody of kids? Take a special trip near or far during your parenting time.

Let's go on a hike!

Little ones will love this rhyming picture book about a boy exploring nature with his
mom, dad, and dog. Amicable co-parents sharing custody can take this as inspiration for
their own family hike.

Hiking Journal for Kids 2021

Kids love to journal their experiences. When sharing custody, keeping a journal that goes
back and forth between homes provides lovely continuity for children, too.

Ultimate Bugopedia

Bugs! Children of all ages are fascinated with them. Use this book to identify and learn
about the bugs that your little bugs love to collect.

The Magic and Mystery of Trees

A beautiful tree encyclopedia, this book will help you and the littles engage in nature
by identifying the trees around us, and learning about different types of forests

Trees, Leaves, Flowers, and Seeds

The Smithsonian museum created this comprehensive and engaging encyclopedia about trees –
and every part of them. Divorced parents can send this book back and forth between homes,
so children can have fun identifying different tree life at each of their houses.

Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature

Take a deep breath! Single parenting can be hard on parents and kids. Use this lovely
picture book to find moments to mindfully engage with your kids in nature.

The Backyard Bug Book for Kids

Get outdoors – at least into your own backyard – and explore! Let your children’s natural
curiosity shine with this great book.

Backpack Explorer: Bug Hunt

The great thing about a Backpack Explorer book is it can be packed back and forth
between houses. When sharing custody, this is good way to provide a smooth and happy

Explorer: Beach Walk

Summer days can get long, especially because single parents do not get a break! Make your
parenting time fun by engaging kids in nature-based projects with this book.

Obuby Real Binoculars For Kids

See the world in a whole new way with these fun binoculars made for kids!

Backpack Explorer: Bird Watch

The great thing about a Backpack Explorer book is it can be packed back and forth between
houses. When sharing custody, this is good way to provide a smooth and happy transition.

Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail

The great thing about a Backpack Explorer book is it can be packed back and forth between
houses. When sharing custody, this is good way to provide a smooth and happy transition.

Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids

Use this book to learn more about nature and get outdoors this summer! There is nothing
better than being outside and learning at the same time.


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