SupportPay 2.0 is Here!

When I set out to solve the problems surrounding my own divorce I decided long ago that it would be accessible for everyone! I am so proud that our team here at SupportPay  has made this solution even faster, easier, and more beautiful than ever! I am a problem solver at heart and set out to help you manage child support in a transparent way so that you can put your whole heart into raising happy kids. Take it for a spin, I know you will love it!


I understand that ending a relationship is hard enough, not to mention the added stress that accompanies child support payments and meeting financial requirements. We saw a lot of parents struggling with the complicated payment process and almost 95% of the time it was the child who saw the short end of the stick. Which is why we designed a new and easy to use platform that enables you to track and process payments freely so that you can spend more time with your children, which we all know is what really matters.If you didn’t know this already, we’re the first online payment system for child support payments and it’s so simple that it kind of makes you wonder why you ever did it any other way to begin with. By using our system you will be saving yourself time and money, which are two resources that are better spent on your family. When we say that it saves you money, we really mean that. Our system is 100% free for life, with the current set of robust features, when you sign up now because we want to help as many parents as we can and as quickly as possible! We believe in our system and we have a long track record of helping parents save their money. Don’t allow yourself to pay ridiculous fees when you could be saving up for a family vacation or trip to the zoo!

1We have some amazing new features that will help simplify the already tiring process. We strive to make the process easy. Simple as that. If you are a current user take a look around. You can now manage payments and expenses directly with the other parent, there’s no need for the government to get in the middle anymore! On top of that, the platform will assist with communication by providing visibility and transparency of payments between spouses and each parent will be notified when the other makes a payment. So an efficient history of all activities will be readily available between both parties eliminating any legal fees or issues. With Support Pay there’s less time for headaches and more time for laughs and unforgettable moments with your family.Many families and government agencies have turned to us for help. We take the initiative and regulate this already emotional and conflict-ridden process for you. Therefore eliminating the middle man and making the transaction transparent between both parties. Why subject yourself to headaches, fees and arguments when there is an easier way. We have simplified the process, eliminated any fees associated with usage and made it readily accessible for both parents. Now it’s your job to get started using SupportPay so that you can start living life with your children. 1Did we mention that registration is really easy? We use a simple platform with an easy to use database and guess what? It will take you less than 5 minutes to set up an account with us. Which leaves you more time to spend with your family. We believe that parents should spend less time worrying about child support and more time raising happy and healthy children.

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