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It’s cold outside, Ideas for winter fun!

It’s cold outside, Ideas for winter fun!

Just as it does every November, Daylight Saving Time showed up and we all rolled our clocks back an hour. I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of DST. California is famous for it’s sunshine and golden light and this time of year, it just disappears. It’s getting dark here around 5 pm now. And even though we have mild weather here, it’s starts getting chilly at sunset this time of year and my daughter and I are forced to spend our evenings indoor.


In summer, when we have long days, we spend our evenings going on bike rides and walking trails. Now that winter is sneaking up on us, it’s pitch black outside before we even start eating dinner. I have to admit that this time of year, the temptation to turn on the TV every night and zone out gets stronger.


I don’t want to spend every night watching TV though and I don’t want my daughter to get into that habit either. To keep us occupied during the weeknights now that it’s getting dark before dinnertime every day, we came up with a theme for each day of the week. I’ve realized that when we are intentional about creating habits, it’s really pretty easy to stay focused on living the kind of life we want to… it’s when we don’t put forth real effort that we fall into bad habits. Here are our weekday themes that will help us have fun and connect all winter long:


Big Meal Monday: My daughter and I love trying new foods, so we decided that every Monday night, we’ll try a new recipe. We cook from scratch and prepare the meal together. Then we turn on some music and eat on the fancy China dishes. We don’t always have time to cook fancy meals, but on Mondays, that’s our only focus.


Reading Tuesday: I feel so lucky to have a daughter who loves to read as much as I do! On Tuesdays after dinner, we curl up together in my bed and take turns reading out loud from whatever book we’re into at the moment.


Game Night Wednesday: My daughter is pretty competitive when it comes to games… I think she gets it from her mama! We’ve got a closet full of board games and card games, ranging from Uno to Monopoly to Creationary. Sometimes we get hooked on a game and play round after round. And sometimes, we pick out five or six games and play one round of each.


Arts & Craft Thursday: I’m not quite as artsy & crafty as my daughter is, but I still enjoying making friendship bracelets and painting. Every week, we pick a project and work on it. Sometimes our projects span weeks, but other times, we knock it all out in one night… like the time we made 27 rainbow loom bracelets in one night… I had a hand cramp for days, but it was worth it!


Friends on Friday: Friday night is our celebration night. On the weekends my daughter spends with me, we plan ahead and invite friends over for the evening. I love having a house full of people and I think we both enjoy having some extra company.


How do you mix it up during the winter when you spend a lot of your evenings inside?