Beat the Heat this Summer

Beat the Heat this Summer

Beat the Heat this Summer

Its over 100 degrees in parts of the country this summer and you want to beat the heat. Some days its so hot I walk outside and I’m not sure if I can take a deep breath of the hot air that permeates the cement I walk on. The sun is intense. The kids don’t want to play outside much when it is that hot. Dehydration happens quickly. How do you keep the kids busy, hydrated, and enjoying summer when its so hot?


Find ways to get wet:

Water Parks – There are great water parks and water slide theme parks all over the country. Locate the nearest one and make a day of it. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Water gun fights – Water guns these days are quite elaborate, and Nerf guns tend to keep them indoors. So fill up the water guns, head out to get wet and soak your opponent.

Wash the car (If you aren’t in an extreme drought area!) – In some parts of California its actually illegal to wash your car right now. So, if you can spare the water, let the kids enjoy the fun of being productive and wet at the same time.

Get to the beach! – Seriously…if you want to get out of the heat, you may just have to get out of town. Go to the nearest coastal town and enjoy a day or two with the ocean breeze and sand between your toes.

Find cool indoor activities:

Milkshakes – Nothing says hot summer day like enjoying a milkshake together. Go to the ice cream parlor and create a new flavor combo…complete with whipped cream and a cherry of top.

Go to a movie – The theater is usually a nice cool spot for a 1:00 matinee showing.

Explore a local museum – Find your local children’s museum and look online for coupons or group rates, and grab some friends.

Indoor play spaces – Whether its a community center, a play land, or a trampoline gym…the kids will enjoy being busy inside.