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Brilliant! I can’t believe it took so long for something like this to come out. It makes my life easier. I can’t thank you enough!

Michelle, Divorced mother of 4
Divorced Mother of 4

Michelle C.


Its Amazing! I don’t have to call, email, text & nag him to pay his share. He finally understands how expensive his kids really are.

Divorced Mother of 2

Tracy J.


The best thing about SupportPay… I never have to talk to my ex about money again. That is priceless.

Gabe, divorced father of 4
Divorced Father of 4

Gabe C.


Amazing product! So overdue! For those of us who don’t want to spend hours a week talking to our exes about ‘who is writing the check for soccer this year’ etc, this is a must-have. Thanks for bringing this platform to the masses!

Kristen, Divorced mother of 2
Divorced Mother of 2

Kristen F.


I now know my money is going to my kids plus I have a record for court and taxes!

Divorced Father of 3

Larry W.

Family Law Professionals

A Client Must Have

I’m definitely recommending this to my clients. I can see so much value in standardizing this conflict ridden process.

Family Mediator

Lisa V.

Very Valuable

This is very valuable to my clients. All of their expense and payment history in a transparent system. There is no longer a dispute of who owes what to whom and significantly reduces the ongoing conflict associated with child support.

Jennifer, Family Law Attorney
Family Law Attorney

Jennifer R.

Great Innovation

There is definitely a need to innovate family financial management. SupportPay is the place to start.

Financial Services Advisor

Susan S.


Solves Huge Problem

It’s great to hear about a solution that actually solves a huge problem for so many parents worldwide. At first, I didn’t believe it. Then I talked to a few divorced friends and now, more than ever, I’m a believer.

Angel Investor

Steve M.

Will be Huge

This can be huge. This will be huge. I can clearly see you are really on to something and you have definitely thought this out. A business model that works combined with a social benefit that is needed. Way to go!

Venture Capitalist

Michael Z.

Where Has This Been?

I can’t believe this hasn’t been developed earlier. Its such a huge pain point for more than half of our population. SupportPay really is on to something here.

Investor & Divorced Father

John F.

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