Investing in SupportPay

Help children get the financial support they deserve!

Who is SupportPay?

SupportPay enables children to get the financial support they deserve, from both of their parents, by providing transparency and eliminating the financial conflicts that arise between parents that live apart.

Who are we helping?

There are 55 million parents that live apart in the U.S. alone, exchanging $200 billion+ annually in child expenses and child support/alimony. But child support isn’t a single monthly payment; it includes a broad collection of shared expenses — medical, education, childcare, extracurricular (soccer, cheerleading, etc.). SupportPay solves these problems by providing both parents a single platform to manage all of their child support, alimony and child expenses.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you are interested in investing in SupportPay and helping millions of children and parents you can find more information on our Fundable site or contact us directly from our Contact page.